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NEW! Drowning In Plastic design Circular Fashion t-shirt at www.m...

Published by @monkeybutlerdesigns MonkeyButlerDesigns, 23 hours ago

NEW! Drowning In Plastic design Circular Fa t-shirt at www.monkeybutlerdesigns.com . Sustainably made, from 50% recycled organic cotton & 50% organic cotton, this is a completely circular item. Designed to be returned once it isn't wanted anymore, where it will then be recycled and made into more new t-shirts sustainable sustainable teemillstore teemill circulartshirt circulareconomy circular ethical ethicallymade organiccotton organic reusereducerecycle monkeybutlerdesigns ethicallysourced drowninginplastic plasticfreeoceans plasticfreeliving pollution economiacircular sustainability thinkdifferent antipollution pollution


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